PARAPRINT: Bespoke 3D-printed Lingerie

Unit 2: Graduation Project Second Semester

PARAPRINT encourages regenerative lifestyle by providing a web-service that allows users to own the blueprints of locally 3D-printed, bespoke lingerie. The web service is for lingerie wearers who want to get something more long-lasting and sustainable to wear on top of a great fit from the confort of your home.

On the website users can select any garment available in the database and organise their ‘digital closet’ to suit their unique style. It encourages regenerative consumption by gently suggesting ‘sharing’ instead of ‘buying’ and ‘co-creating’ instead of ‘consuming’ garments.
The accompanying app guides users to transform a full-length front and side view photo into a 3D model of themselves. This body data connects to the website and their digital closet will be customised to fit their size. Any of their selected items can then be ordered and 3D-printed locally.
3D-printing gives the opportunity to effortlessly change size and structure based on the individual’s needs for support as well as integrating all elements of a bra in the production with a single material — eliminating the need for post-production.

PARAPRINT’s platform aims to connect producers to share knowledge on for example local material/resource adaptation, as well as be a catalyst for those who aim to co-create a DIY-printer that runs on renewable energy and is suitable for regenerative materials.

Project: Master's Graduation

Coaches: Kieren Jones, Maël Hénaff and Marta Giralt Dunjo

Experts: Sion Fletcher (Web/Open-source Specialist CSM) and Troy Nagtigall (PhD TU/e)

Clients: Central Saint Martins

Year: 2020

Duration: ~1000 hours, 24 weeks

Individual Project

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