PORTFOLIO | The Everyday Martian
The Everyday Martian - A Symposium in Design Museum London

The First Martian Bar: The Rover

The Rover, the first Martian pub, offers exclusive locally grown and sourced beverages using greenhouse based agriculture. To be able to drink in a low gravity environment the beverages are served in cups with increased surface tension made from Martian clay and glazed with iron oxide. A natural recourse we have in abundance here!

The drinks will taste a little different as we cannot grow the same variety of cereals, vegetables and herbs as we could on earth. We have developed our greenhouse based agriculture thanks to the research led by Wageningen University on Earth back in 2017.
A craft beer served at The Rover comes from local brewery and uses rye as the main ingredient instead of conventional beer ingredients. Cocktails lovers will love the subtle taste of our revisited gin & tonic. We serve a gin made from peas and aromatic herbs sourced from a local garden. The above drinks will be served in cups with increased surface tension as mentioned before.
Additionally, The Rover serves a Martian version of a Bloody Mary in another type of low gravity drinking medium: a solid capsule which explodes flavourful in the mouth. And finally the newest medium of a gravity defying 'drink': our hot toddy, which can be inhaled as a gas.
Payment will be done through simply putting any of your fingers on the wireless device.

We invite you to join us during this immersive performance where you can ask any of the bartenders or our loyal customers anything about their experience on Mars so far whilst they escape everyday Martian life in our bar.

Project: The Everyday Martian

Coaches: Kieren Jones, Maël Hénaff and Marta Giralt Dunjo

Supported by: Pip and Seedlip

Clients: Central Saint Martins and Design Museum London

Year: 2019

Duration: ~40 hours, 8 weeks

Team: Jesse Adler, Eliza Collin, Sophie Huckfield, Liene Kazaka, Luyao Li, Elsa Malki, Jade Sequeira, Michela Vianelli and Florence Zhou

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