Bioplastic Watch

During this project we went from knowing very little about bioplastic to being able to make an educated guess to what ingredients and methods other people use based on a picture and their description.

Even though the final bioplastic recipe is still not wildly successful, I think we have contributed to by the sheer amount and variety of experiments.

The most exiting part of the process is to start and being able to understand the process enough to look at the project of Erik Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros and to be able to replicate how they probably make their filaments as well. Our first filament didn’t come out perfect but I think with a couple more tries we would be able to print a complete watch out of this material.

For BAUME we would advice to look into the possibility to print with PHA in combination with spider-silk protein and natural ingredients to give the mixture a desirable colour.

"You clearly love experimentation. This is one of your greatest strengths, and it is good to see you test, sample and analyse your artifacts. However, at the point of assessment, your analysis is more about what makes this sample interesting and less about furthering an overarching concpet or idea. Make sure, that you really take the time to reflect on whether your experimentation is actually furthering your overall concept and not just leading to simply more experimentation." Kieren Jones

Project: Disruptive Materials

Coaches: Kieren Jones, Marta Giralt Dunjo and Agi Haines

Client: BAUME Watches and Central Saint Martins

Year: 2019

Duration: ~450 hours, 10? weeks

Team: Tanvi Jain

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