Variety in facial identity

At the start of the facial recognition era tracking programs (mainly CCTV footage) were used in obscure government buildings. Slowly, these programs have seeped into our devices as well, through popular companies which use it on enormous scale. Facial recognition has become inescapable.

This software is continuously evolving and improving. For the public it has become increasingly difficult to stay unidentified. Whilst we can generally curate the images that exist of us on the Internet, the Internet also remembers ours unwanted pictures and data. As the database of faces and information grows, so does the invasion of privacy and thus our desire to be anonymous increases.

We would like to provide an alternative against this invasive software. Our service creates bespoke, prosthetic facial parts that grant the owner anonymity. The process starts with a scan of the face, after which, customers can choose extensions to change their facial structure. The custom-made modules will be delivered so that you can take back control over your identity.

Project: Critical Interrogation of Practice

Coaches: Marta Giralt Dunjo and Elizabeth Wright

Client: Central Saint Martins

Year: 2018/2019

Duration: ~150 hours, 4 weeks

Team: Akane Kawahara, Hon Chun, Hongbo Chen, Toprak Ìzgi Güven, Quiwan Wang, Yijinghan Wu