Saiki - continued as PerFlex

Project B3.2

With my final bachelor project, Saiki, I would like to present the fashion industry with an opportunity to shift from mass production towards sustainable mass personalisation.

The intimate 3D printed garments will be made only when needed with the exact amount of material required. They can be assembled by the customer itself, reducing transport emission. Finally, when the product has accomplished its use, the material will be reused for a following product. In the future Saiki envisions printing with biodegradable material; making this circulair economy also sustainable.

After graduation, I collaborated with two other undergraduates of TU/e Industrial Design, Bart Pruijmboom and Niek van Sleeuwen to code PerFlex - a program that outputs G-code for personalised 3D printed wearables.
We presented this project in Dutch Design Week 2017, Brightday 2017, Material Xperience 2018, Dutch Design Week 2018 and Munich Fabric Start's KEYHOUSE 2018. And it has been shortlisted in the Red Dot Design Award 2018.

Project: Ultra-personalised Textile Services

Coaches: Annika Hupfeld

Experts: Loe Feijs (TU/e), Marina Toeters (freelance designer), Koen van Os (Philips), Troy Nagtigall(PhD TU/e) and Marie Thèrèse (HKU)

Clients: TU/e & Valentina

Year: 2017

Duration: ~550 hours, 15 weeks

Individual Project

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