B2.2 Project

Foodsi is a system to effortlessly assist cardiovascular patients in monitoring their food intake and create awareness and insight for both the nutritionist and their patients. Foodsi is given by the nutritionist to patients in order to monitor their food intake with a lowered threshold.

During the process, by means of qualitative and quantitative research, it was discovered that people are not aware of the healthiness of their food intake. to answer the following research question: “Could a more realistic view on diet change the eating behaviour of cardiovascular patients?” As a subquestion we want to, firstly, find out: “Do people have a realistic view on their diet?” Furthermore, during the monitoring of their diet, it was found that their description is not accurate and lacks important details.

Concluded was that that documenting food intake should have a lower threshold, enabling people to monitor all details within their diet. In this way the nutritionist will have a more clear and complete view on the patient’s diet, allowing him or her to improve the patient’s treatment.

"Reflections are good, they go beyond things learned, now and then going into the effect it has on design. Cooperation was good. All strong personalities that succeed to cooperate with some 'clash' now and then, as is to be expected." Mart Wetzels.

Project: Smart Environments for Wellbeing

Coach: Mart Wetzels

Experts: Mart Wetzels (TU/e) and Stephanie Crooymans (Nutritionist)

Clients: TU/e & DoChange

Year: 2016

Duration: ~200 hours, 15 weeks

Team: Verena Vredeveld, Laura Schrauwen and Jessie Harms

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