PORTFOLIO |  Do, Reflect, Learn: Design & Research Processes
Do, Reflect, Learn: Design & Research Processes

Tu/e Elective

Since I started my first year here at Industrial Design the process of a project was very vague to me. I thought we could just make up our own process model and follow this throughout the project. In my second year I learned that there were certain phases- like brainstorming, user testing and making- were we went through but never conscious. So when at one of the first lessons the Reflective Transformative Design Model was shown it gave me an bright moment.
It might seem like were just doing any phase we feel is necessary, but there is a thought behind it, which is going through different iterations while, as you jump to a new phase, reflect upon the things you have done. I found this so fascinating that I told my project group about this and now we consciously work with the model, on which I will come back later in ‘apply’.

During the study I have already done a few user interviews, yet I have never actually analysed them afterwards and use them to draw ‘scientific’ conclusions. Before this elective I used to think that user interviews were a necessity for the report at the end. However now I saw that through analysing you can actually filter interesting and sometimes surprising results. As addition to the results, out of ‘expected and seen’, ‘unexpected and seen’ and ‘expected and not seen’ in one of the lectures, I found ‘unexpected and seen’ very interesting. I never realised that should be in there and thus I will take this in mind when doing another observation.

In the end I learned how to answer a research question through sub-research questions. And if these subquestions all connect nicely via a set-up then the research itself will become clear in structure as well as story.
All in all this has been a very useful elective for me, in a sense that I now have a basis from where I can continue my learning self-directed.

Lecturer: Tilde Bekker

Client: TU/e

Year: 2016

Duration: ~80 hours, 8 weeks

Team: Nono Leermakers, Vicent Visser, Anthony Yu Wei Tong and Anne Wil Burghoorn

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