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B2.1 Project

Unite’m is a product aimed at social inclusion in P.E. lessons in primary school. The smart system consists of a static pillar and multiple wearables.

Unite’m adds teamwork- based tasks to existing games in order to motivate pupils to work together. The team that has best teamwork will enlighten the pillars, bending the rules of the game to their advantage. The wearable adds teamwork and tactics to the games, the pillar guarantees structure. Tactics will now be a different winning element in the game, instead of the usual physical strength, this adds a new dimension to the game. This encourages all pupils to actively participate in the game, since now every member has value in their own way.

Project: Vital Play

Coach: Erik van der Spek

Expert: Rhys Duindam and R.K. Basisschool Voordeldonk

Client: TU/e & Janssen-Fritsen

Year: 2015

Duration: ~200 hours, 15 weeks

Team: Stijn Ebbers, Pol Goetstouwers and Luuk Roelofs.

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