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Digital Craftsmanship

Tu/e Elective

Since this is an assignment meant for second years I, as a first year, needed to put in some extra effort to be able to join. I believe the future for fashion and textile design, what I want to do, lies in ‘progressive’ machines and techniques. In order to learn how to be able to work with those machines I wanted to follow this assignment.
After the first lesson I regretted my determination a bit, processing turned out harder than I thought. This only made me work harder and luckily I was able to keep up very well.
During the assignment I learned new practical skills; how to implement complex mathematical formulas in processing, how altering a material can change the properties of that material and how to create files for the laser cutter. In short I am now able to use the lasercutter and gained knowledge to be able to use the other machines on my own.

However that is not why I’m so glad that I choose this assignment. This assignment turned out to be an inspiration and a huge eyeopener for me. Since January I started doubting whether this study was right for me or not. I had the feeling that in order to create an innovative design you needed to put electronics into them. Somehow it didn’t feel appealing to me, it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

This assignment showed me that innovation can also be the technique you use to build a product. And that is exactly what I want to do: I want to use innovative, technical techniques to create aesthetically beautiful products. I applied this discovery directly into my project, where I started exploring again which lead to a beautiful prototype. This assignment made me realise that this study is definitely right for me, just that my perception of it was wrong. From here on I would like to learn more innovative techniques and discover how to apply them into my designs.

Lecturers: Oscar Tomico, Loe Feijs and Troy Nachtigall

Client: TU/e

Year: 2015

Duration: ~60 hours, 8 weeks

Team: Rein Lucassen, Allitze Faro and Koen van Galen

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