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Idea to Design

Tu/e Elective

Since I’m a second year most of the course’s in- formation was not new. I rather found this course interesting to see how far I had grown in my first year.

The thing I found out to my surprise, is that I actually got better in brainstorming. And with better I mean that in the past year I learned to think on a more abstract level, which helps in coming up with more diverse and far-fetched ideas. For the coming year I hope to grow more in abstraction; grow in creativity.
The process within our team went really well due to the fact that everyone was motivated, hard- working and on a personal level fun, which in the shy does help the progress.

Planning and making appointments proved itself a challenge, because we all have different schedules. Despite not always being able to be present everybody did the best he could. It was nice to notice that in order to strive for the results we wanted nobody minded to work overtime to get done what needed to be done.
Within all the different design phases we went to I missed the elaborate research, like user testing, to gain more in-depth information about the user’s thoughts on our concept. On the other hand for an eight week project, we might not have had the time.

Lecturer: Stephan Wensveen

Client: TU/e

Year: 2015

Duration: ~60 hours, 8 weeks

Team: Emmie Knoester, Femke Kaskens, Melle Keuchenius, Pim Keunen and Zeno Kapitein

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