Plan Gem

B1.2 Project

It’s almost impossible to imagine our busy lives without time. Deadlines, meetings, and even moments of relaxation are scheduled in our calendar. So what if it were possible to experience time in such a way, that it would not be necessary to look at your watch anymore? That it is possible to simply forget about time whilst remaining conscious of your daily planning; your daily life? What if you could feel your planning, agenda or to do list?
What if time became your sixth sense?

To realise this the Plan Gem was created. The Plan Gem is a smart gem that vibrates in sync with your Outlook agenda. It notifies you when it is time for an activity, when your activity is over, or when it would be convenient if you did something from your to-do list. This way the Plan Gem helps you to achieve your daily goals and helps you to stick to your planning.
Where and how the Plan Gem is to be worn all depends on the user’s preferences. There are multiple wearables to choose from and even the Plan Gem can be changed to your desires.

Planning as a sixth sense. Are you up for it?

"Planning will always be an issue for you, yet try to find the best solution for yourself, so you can manage all the activities and tasks you have to do. You are a pleasant person to work with and are always in a 'good mood'." Lilian Admiraal

Project: Worn Identity

Coach: Lilian Admiraal

Client: Tu/e

Year: 2015

Duration: ~200 hours, 15 weeks

Team: Rosa van Koningsbruggen, Tijmen Kervers and Naomi Mavis Kool.

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