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Tu/e Elective

I expected to get a book or a method about how you can spot trends. I thought it was just a trick you could learn. With this mindset I signed up for the course. It turned out it was not. The core of this assignment was all about ‘how to achieve a change of perspective.’

As activities my team needed to give a presentation on Marc Newson. Later on the whole assignment group tried to predict the future of a company, which lead me to the conclusion that there is no right or wrong in predicting the future. In order to broaden our view on design we went to visit Cologne to experience the Internationale Dental Schau(IDS), where innovation in design is very different from the 'arty' design we normally see. Zuzanna told us to focus on shape, material, detail, colour, user experience and pattern; the so-called Design DNA. In the end my team needed to design a dental practice using the Design DNA of Marc Newson. Here I learned that the first step in getting to know a designer or companies 'taste' is getting to know their Design DNA, once you know that you will be able to design in their style and thus, often, to their liking.

Overall I learned that trend watching cannot be taught, it is a certain mindset. A way to look at the world. Zuzanna gave me the tools to achieve this mindset: it al starts with getting to know more designers by heart. “Being creative also means talking creative.” You need to know about different designers to be able to talk about design in depth. Knowing designers implies knowing their Design DNA and thus to be able to know a designer I need to start with paying attention to the Design DNA of different designers.
The mindset that Zuzanna showed me, will definitely help in my future job as designer. But before I will be able to use it I’ll take the initiative to get to know more designers by heart and slowly be able to ‘talk creative’.

Lecturer: Zuzanna Skalska

Client: TU/e

Year: 2015

Duration: ~50 hours, 8 weeks

Team: Nine Sellier and Verena Vredeveld

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