B1.1 Project

Research told us that kids who get hugged often in their youth will grow up having stronger personalities later on. That idea interested us and so we came up with the concept CONFI.

CONFI consist of two different products, a backpack for the kid and a cushion for the parent(s).
The two products communicate with each other. So whenever the parent hugs the cushion, the child would feel their backpack tighten a little bit as if being hugged. In this way the child will know that their parent is thinking about him and thus feel more secure in unknown situations, like going to school for the first time.

Our project does however not want to encourage parents spending less time with their children since they would be able to relay on our product: real time hugs are irreplaceable. This product is more aimed at, for example divorced parents or families where one of the parents is away often for their job.

"Brigitte I'm impressed by your first semester performance and your personality. Making is in your blood so it is probably wise to also spend a bit of time developing your thinking on this profession and building your vision and identity. Read, visit exhibitions, find out what makes the great designers of this time and the past tick (and figure out who you think are those great designers and why). It was a pleasure to work with you. Good luck!." Arne Hendriks

Project: Craft Stories

Coach: Arne Hendriks

Client: Tu/e

Year: 2014

Duration: ~200 hours, 15 weeks

Team: Stijn van Geffen, Bart Pruijmboom and Adel Moin

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