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work in progress

Ever since reading Spark Joy by Marie Kondo, I have become fascinated by owning only what makes me happy. On top of that I want to make the next step. I think if I want to become a sustainable designer — it’s only possible to design that what you understand. Just like how you need to observe and preferable design with people from a different culture when designing for them. I think it is only possible to design sustainable by living the lifestyle, or at least striving for it.

So, to visualise this journey for myself (and maybe others), I would like to make a gallery of everything I own. Next step would be to take a look at which of those items could be slowly replaced by either nothing or a sustainable alternative.

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Japanese for Busy People | 17 January 2019

10 week Cactus Language Cursus, Holborn

I think getting to know a culture can only be truly done by learning and understanding the language, the first cultural barrier. So much of a culture is visible in the language, how people address each other, how a sentence is build and what words are used in a certain situation. Especially the words that know no translation, like ‘gezellig’ in Dutch are interesting words.

Japanese is the first in line of the Asian language I would like to learn. And in the words of Mark Manson; “Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for”. So, this year I decided to start working on what I think is worth it.

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Model for BA Fashion Student | 29 September 2018

Maximilian Raynor

Absolutely great photographer and Max definitely showed me the passion and determination needed to make it in the fashion industry.